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About UsWe offer computers, laptops, servers, network design, management, and consulting services. We customize our products and services to match the customer's needs, not the other way around. We work with individuals and businesses alike.

Sauve's Computer & Supply (pronounced “so-veezz”) has been in Two Rivers for 60 years. We have owned the business since the early 1970’s and have been in the computer field for the last 20 years.

SalesWe talk with customers about what is needed. We want to get an idea where the client has been and where they want to go. We will transfer files, programs, and configuration information from the old computer to the new system. We offer recycling and disposal services, if needed.

We consult with business clients, onsite if necessary, to determine exactly what is needed. We work with local vendors in the area and take on a coordinator role so the business owner can concentrate on running their business, and can rest assured that the job will come together seamlessly.

We do not expect customers to be knowledgeable in all the latest computer jargon. All we ask of a client is to tell us what they need in the most basic of terms. It is our job to turn those requirements into reality quickly, efficiently, and priced accordingly.

ProductsOur products range from desktops to laptops and servers to workstations. We help the client decide what to choose and build to suit their needs. Our systems are delivered clean, without advertising or trial software loaded. If the client does not want it, it's not there.

Contact and Directions

ServiceAll service work is our responsibility. Customers do not have to concern themselves with warranties, registration or after-the-sale support. Our service facility is staffed with longtime, certified technicians with decades of experience. Our focus is service. In fact, our shop area is larger than our showroom.

We service all PC brands. When the unit is brought in for service, we prefer to start the device at the front counter with the customer present. We talk things over, confirm the problem, and offer possible estimates regarding cost and the time needed to repair.

We will perform onsite service calls as needed. We can also remote control into a client computer and possibly service it while the technician remains in the shop. This can reduce the cost of the repair substantially.

ConsultingAll it takes is a phone call. Our strength is our ability to listen. We have no desire to throw around techno-talk all day. We are business people ourselves and know what it takes to run a business and how little time there is to do it.

We start with the phone call and talk about what is needed in simple terms. We do not talk about routers, switches, and CAT5 cable. We talk about who needs internet access; how many printers and workstations; what type of software is used; etc. If a network already exists, no problem, we often enter facilities with existing infrastructure. The discovery process is the same. We first find out what is needed and then design a way to get there.

We consider not only the nuts and bolts of the network, but what type of business it is, the size, layout, location, etc. We will also determine if we are the right people for the job.


Sauves Computer and Supply is an authorized Google Apps reseller.Welcome to the cloud!

There is a revolution in business networking and we are at the leading edge of it. We invite you to sit down with us and talk about how your management and support costs can be sliced by 50% if not more while at the same time increasing everyone's productivity

Sound to good to be true? We invite you to read a short introduction on how Sauves and Google Apps can help your business get on the fast track to efficient network and communications support with features that will make you wonder how you got by without them.

Take a tiny bit of time to mouse over each icon for a brief description of the possibilites that can be had with Google Apps.

Email that is accessible from anywhere using any device, managed completely offsite. Replace or supplement your expensive Microsoft Office Suite with Google Apps.Let everyone know your schedule from anywhere in the world.We can offer website hosting and management using Google Apps.Need face to face communication thousands of miles apart? Promote your business visually? It can be done with Google Apps.We can offer email archiving, backup, and restore options with Google Apps.We are your gateway to the world of Google Apps cloud computing. Come join us!

Premium and NavigatorPremium model line of computer.

For home and business users that require horsepower, we offer our Premium and Navigator models. These systems are completely customizable to fit your Navigator model line of computer.needs.

We sit down and discuss what you may require and build to suit your needs. We will work with your existing data, programs and vendors so when it comes time for delivery, all that needs be done is to plug it in.

Full Featured LaptopsPremium, full featured, and customizable laptops.

For the serious business traveler who needs the performance and features of a workstation and the portability of a laptop.

Great Value LaptopsValue line of laptops. Just what you need.

For the client that needs a portable computer with the features of a workstation.


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All About Google

Google AppsWhat, you may ask, is "Google Apps"? Well, it is a shortened version of Google Applications. It is part of the cloud computing phenomena that you may have heard of recently.

Google Applications are starting to enhance or outright replace current network infrastructure. For us, it all started with email management. As some of you may already know, Microsoft Exchange is by far the most common in-house email management system. The problem is that it is becoming hugely expensive to maintain, requiring nearly round the clock attention including spam control, security, archiving, backing up and restoring, remote access and on and on.

All that ends with one segment of Google Apps, called Gmail. Yes, you may have heard of it. Isn't that free? One version of it is. However, a business oriented version is available that allows the complete elimination of all in-house email infrastructure, software, and hardware. It eliminates all local support requirements simply because there is nothing to support other than your normal workstations, file servers and network infrastructure. The reduced support requirements and additional features more than make up for the cost of the service.

Our job is to migrate your current infrastructure to Google Apps, offering suggestions along the way. You will find that remote email access, spam management, user account management, and more are vastly improved, to the point that normal people can implement changes that previously took highly trained technicians to make. And it can be done from anywhere. No more having to come in on a Saturday to reboot an email server!

Still love Outlook? Google Apps plays nicely with users of Microsoft Outlook. Your people will never know the difference. Google Apps offers their own versions of word processing, spreadsheet, calendar, and collaboration programs that work on any computer, any device, anywhere at any time. Google Apps allow the use of devices such as phones, tablets, netbooks, computers, set top boxes, etc to access your files, documents, mail and more from anywhere there is an internet connection..

Anytime, anyplace, on any device. It is possible to implement Google Apps with no local infrastructure except your regular internet connection and workstations. That is the world of Google Apps. Let's start.

All it takes is a phone call. We'll take it from there!

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